What Is A Pre-Purchase Inspection And Why You Shouldn’t Avoid It

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Purchasing a home can be a complicated process. There are a lot of things to focus on and details that need your attention. Most of the time, people tend to forget about pre-purchase home inspection.

So, what is a pre-purchase home inspection? And, how can it help me? If you are curious to know the answers to these questions, then stick around as this article is going to explore the answers.


Pre-Purchase Home Inspection – What Is It?

As the term suggests, it is an inspection of the home you are planning to purchase. It’s really not the term that makes homebuyers skip the inspection. It’s usually because the process will cost money, and it will make a little dent with the homebuyer’s budget.

This is a big mistake! According to http://melbournehousecheck.com.au, skipping the pre-purchase inspection would possibly mean that you could be buying a home that has a serious flaw within it. If the flaw were serious, like a structural problem, the cost of repairing the house would overshadow the costs of the inspection by a wide margin. At the very least, the inspection could uncover something that you can use at the bargaining table.

What Is Inspected With A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection?

  • Structural Issues – the life of your new home largely depends on its structural integrity. As time passes, the walls, roofing and pillars could weaken, and it could lead to a collapse in the future. This is a serious threat to your family. A pre-purchase inspection entails the inspection of the structural integrity of the property. The professionals are there to make sure that the little crack on the wall, doesn’t lead to a cave-in in the future.
  • HVAC & Electrical System – a pre-purchase inspection would entail an audit of the HVAC and electrical system. The main goal of the inspection is to uncover any potential threats to the house and your family. Professionals will be checking the circuit breakers, wiring safety, power sockets and HVAC configuration to name a few. Also, the inspection could also determine the estimated power consumption of the property’s HVAC and electrical system.
  • Fire Safety & Plumbing – professionals will be checking the faucets and overhead tanks. Also, inspection of corrosion, rust and cracks are included. Aside from being an eyesore, leaking water can weaken the property’s structure in time. The inspector also checks for fire safety by taking notes where the emergency equipments are placed. The house is also checked if the smoke alarms are working and if they offer optimal coverage.

Pre-purchase inspection is all about checking a property that you are planning on purchasing. The aim of the inspection is to uncover any potential problems and health hazards of the house. Most professionals would check, at the very least, for structural issues, HVAC and electrical systems and fire safety and plumbing. It is highly advisable that you don’t skip a pre-purchase inspection because of the cost. It is actually cheap when you compare it to purchasing a home that will need serious repairs later on.


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Stages of small business growth

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Starting out a small business can be both a daunting task and an exciting adventure. Not only do you get to put your own plans and ideas into action, but you have the task of creating many branches of designing a brand that offers a desirable product or service. Before embarking on these challenges, take the time to recognize each stage in the growth of a small business. This will help you make plans according to your business’s specific needs, and learn to gauge what the future may have in store as you move forward with your ideas.


So, you have already set the ball rolling on providing a service or product, and presumably providing some form of advertisement to draw in customers or clients. This has been recognized as one of the most difficult times of a small business’s development, as it means that the owner may be doing a great deal of the work, Plus, the need to reach out and find more consumers for the particular product or service is also important, as this will allow the owner to eventually branch out, hire more employees, extend advertising endeavors, amongst other things. Successfully making it through this stage prepares you for stage two.


At this stage, your business is beginning to function like a well-oiled machine, generating some profit for the aforementioned necessities. The main goal during this stage is to ensure that your business is doing more than simply breaking even. Once you break even, you need to reach higher. What if equipment begins to malfunction? What if you need to order more ingredients or materials to store up? What if an emergency of some sort takes place? The survival stage signifies the need to ensure a steadier growth to supply income for branching out.


Now you have ensured consistent profits from your business. You have gone beyond breaking even, and entered into the phase where you can put back a little profit and spend a little profit on some necessities.You have an important decision at hand: keep the business small enough to manage and generate the current amount of income, or take flight into expansion in the near future? Should you chose the latter, your next destination is stage four.


Now, you must ensure that you continue to increase the amount of profit the business generates at a steady rate. You must also do more to ensure that the employment working under you is properly delegated and run to keep up with needed production. Your decisions at this stage include: selling the business to generate a profit, handing it over to creditors and investors to delegate its management, or continuing to manage its growth on your own. Should you select the latter, you may find the need to evolve from your previous abilities, and learn to recreate the dynamics by which the business is run.


Maturity represents the time period in which the small business may well have transformed into a company. At this point, the company will need to dabble into other areas of investment outside of its original premises of the products and services it offered at first. This does not mean that it has to lose its primary product or service. It simply means that, in order to continue generating profit and drawing in consumers from other target audiences, the company must expand its offerings. This allows for more flexibility for any future endeavors.

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Industry spotlight – growing businesses in the home services industry

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Hi, thanks for stoppping by. Today I wanted to quickly write about growing a business in the home services industry. To get definitions out of the way home services are basically contractors that go around to your home and provide services. Hence the name, home services industry! Without being overly simplistic there is one simple philosophy. Let’s use an industry that people are familiar with. The heating and cooling industry.

cash flow for home services businesses

The key to growing a heating and cooling business is?

Sales! If you look at any company whether it be Aspen Air or JHC the key to growth is making lots of sales consistently. Cash flow is the key to nearly every business. If you’ve got cashflow then a lot of the issues you face will be easily solved because you have the money to make the right decision.

Need to put more staff on? You’ve got cash. Need to buy more vans or fix existing ones? You’ve got cash. Need to pay the ATO that latest BAS money you forgot about? You’ve got cash.

Sales and cash flow will help any business grow. Particularly in the home services industry. So no matter what is troubling you at the moment, reorganise your resources such as yourself to focus intensely on generating sales and cash flow.


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Strategies for small business growth

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Time and again when a business fails, it doesn’t go out with a bang, but a whimper. It dies a slow death. Some small business owners are normally overwhelmed with shrinking revenues and intense competition, but still fail to make any immediate changes until it is too late to attain a business growth.

Whether you are running a professional service firm, small manufacturing company or a local retail shop, there are various small business growth strategies that you can implement if you want to achieve the financial goals of your business. Below are some of them.

Introduce regular strategy sessions

If you notice your customers are leaving and your profit margins decreasing, it is time to reinvent who your business serves, what it is doing and how it adds value.

Business model innovation

Even small businesses usually experience strategic business risk coming from large scale companies and trends that take place outside their field, or among their clients, or even within society. With business model innovation, you should consider changing your position in the value chain, the people you serve and the differentiating value proposition.

Invest in customer communication

One of the most risky habits business owners pick up is that of turning assumptions into facts without experimentation or investigation. Your clients hold the most important business intelligence that money can buy. Your first point of attack should be to aggressively seek their opinions and feedback as soon as you experience any structural weakness in your business model.

Innovate your pricing

Changing how the pricing of your product is done is normally a good way of building new momentum in your company. Simple price innovations like offering three tiers of price packages instead of a “take it or leave it” price, normally leads to greater sales conversions for many businesses.

You don’t have to implement all the small business growth strategies. Pick one that is best for your business’ profitability and then get to work. With time, if you test and implement those strategies, your business will be on the path to lasting profit and revenue growth.



Webinar from Small Business Solver

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11 Success Tips from Small Business Leaders

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If income is the lifeblood of a business, then successful business leadership must be the oxygen. Without it, a company will wither up and bite the dust. The best time to begin establishing the framework for the sort of leadership that will develop your company for a long time to come is while you’re little. Here are 11 success tips from small business leaders.



An unmistakably characterized company vision is one of the most basic components in any little business, but on the other hand is one of the most ignored. In any case, most little businesses that get to be effective little businesses make them thin in like manner: Vision. Also, having an unmistakable, solid vision motivates, rouses, and engages your employees.


Great business leaders are courageous leaders. It makes guts to stride out in any case, and much more guts to make the important dangers to stride up to the following level. Be that as it may, past having the courage to go out on a limb, courage leadership means having the capacity to make intense choices and take difficult activities – doing what should be done notwithstanding the outcomes, both individual and expert.


The greater part of you have most likely met somebody in business who dependably makes the best choice, paying little heed to the expense. The encounters have improved a leader individual from both an individual and expert point of view. Making the best decision paying little heed to the results is at the heart of business leadership. At the point when confronted with a choice, people of integrity will dependably do the right thing. What’s more, people of integrity have a tendency to construct businesses of integrity.

Motivation Tips

A few people say they can motivate their employees. Others say that you can’t motivate another person – it needs to originate from inside of the person.

Comprehend the Top Motivators

The top motivators at work are challenge, accomplishment, and learning something new. Inquire as to whether you are giving intense yet feasible assignments to your group. The quickest approach to lose a star is to have that individual accept there is nothing to do other than mechanical execution – place a square peg in a square opening.

Use Goals640x640xSetting-Goals.jpg.pagespeed.ic.b0gXaDEnzx

We all like to quantify our execution. Recall the times of athletic rivalry when you were swimming, running, or playing baseball. You needed to know how quick you swam or ran, and what number of hits you had. Work is the same. People need to know how they are getting along. Employees give their best exertion when there is a possibility of achievement, and they have control over the result.

Get Involvement

There was constantly one question that made me feel esteemed and critical. It was the point at which somebody asked me “what do you think we . It made one vibe that the thoughts mattered, and it something one needs to execute technique. Alongside this, get your group involved in setting goals, and evaluating execution.


It is essential for the business leader to know and go along by the legitimate standards of the State and the Country one lives in by the business leader.

target-market-Market Section

A little business can’t be simply one more company that offers something that many different companies are offering. For a business leader needs to identify the section of the market to which its products would claim more.


Budgeting assumes an essential part in business for a business leader to have. Great budgeting methods diminish squander and enhance productivity.


Planning is a great tip for a business leader as it assumes a noteworthy part for any business. Great planning as to every one of the perspectives, for example, speculation, process, human resources, and so forth must be done deliberately to guarantee beginning danger is minimized.

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