Want A Successful Journey In Small Business? The First Step Is To Book It

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If you want a successful journey in small business growth or growing small business there are many ways to go about it. In our hurry up world, where we can confuse activity with accomplishment, the best way to move forward is to slow down and not to go faster. Go too fast and it is easy to make mistakes. Slow down and book your journey to success. Booking your journey is about reading books that will help improve you and subsequently, your business.

Mistakes will cost you time. Think about this. Once you have spent some time on something that time is irreplaceable. It is gone. We can spend more money but we can’t spend more time. Time management work is essential to success. Small business books are a proven way to accelerate your success track. And, they are time well spent. Yes, you can read about systems, accounting, marketing, sales and cash flow. All of this is good and can help. But the best books are the ones that help you create pathways for personal growth.

The little secret of small business running successfully is the personal growth of the owner, founder or one of the principals. If they don’t grow in their thinking and continue with a limited vision, then the business won’t grow. The key is to go to work on yourself. Once you become more, you can attract more in your business. Too often, we go to work on others and want more, yet we don’t have more to offer.

As the owner of a business you can have more business by offering better service, better quality or expand your services to name a few. It all starts with you. If you become a better server and bring more quality into your own life you will attract people who offer more. The same is true for your business. Yes, it all starts with you. As Napoleon Hill said in Think And Grow Rich, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Owning your own business can be a tiring effort on a treadmill of never ending work and challenges. Or, it can be an adventure in overcoming challenges that can lead you into a life abundance, freedom and satisfaction. Go to work on yourself and start conceiving and believing in what you can achieve.

The choice is yours. Think about it. If an entrepreneur successful in business has an unfulfilling life what does he have? He has an unhappy life. More business isn’t going to make him any happier.

To have small business successful, the owner must be successful in personal growth. There is no one answer. Yet, books, whether they be a small business book or small business ebook, can cause you to slow down and reflect and evaluate are a great way to move you forward to the success, freedom and abundance you desire.

Do you want that successful journey in small business? Take the first step and book it.

Steve Scott is a business/life coach and business development consultant. He specializes in teaching entrepreneurs and solo and sales professionals to advance to a business and life of greater freedom and abundance.
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An Overlooked Key To Growing Small Business—It’s In The Book

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Is your small business successful? Whether it is or isn’t you and your business can certainly benefit from having a performance strategy. Now, before you roll your eyes and say that you don’t want to look at or hear about one more thing that could improve your business, I want you to think about this.

A performance strategy to promote small business growth and success is very often not about improving your systems or hiring the right consultant. A successful performance strategy to promote small business growth is about you. Think about this. You are the owner, founder or a principal player in a small business. If you don’t grow in your thinking and your disciplines then the business won’t grow.

The secret to small business growth has to do with the five inches between your ears. If you don’t think of it, it won’t happen. If you don’t grow your business won’t grow. As Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

One way, to create a successful performance strategy and for your mind to conceive and believe in what can be achieved, is to read books. There are many small business books that can start filling your mind with ideas and actions for growing small business. Is your small business running well? Read a book. Is growing small business challenging you? Read a book.

It may seem simplistic but one of the best ways to open your mind to the success you want and its possibilities, is to read. If you don’t like to read, get an audio book. The key is to keep your mind open and inquiring to “what can be.” Without an open mind, you are destined to struggle because you are focused on “what is.”

Become a possibility thinker. Your mind is a muscle. Without exercise your mind you will never reach your potential. Exercise your mind with reading on a regular basis and you will be pleased with the results for you, your business and your life. Also, be a positive thinker, not a positive wisher. A positive thinker takes the appropriate action and moves forward. A positive wisher, on the other hand, wishes for positive action but does not take it. Be a possibility thinker and a positive thinker. Now there’s a performance strategy for small business growth and growing small business successfully.

Steve Scott is a business/life coach and business development consultant. He specializes in teaching entrepreneurs and solo and sales professionals to advance to a business and life of greater freedom and abundance.
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7 Must-Have Humor-Improvement Projects (Just in Time For April Fool’s Day)

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Do you have an “I-swear-I-didn’t-eat-that” roommate? Is your tough-guy husband secretly terrified of bugs? If so, April Fool’s Day is the perfect time to add a little springtime humor to […]

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The Steps Involved For Small Business Growth

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There is no question that any small business in existence today is one that is filled with an incredible amount of complication and adversity in remaining competitive and viable in the marketplace. It truly is tough to run any size business today with the economy being as it is which makes it even more challenging to face difficulties and adversities overall. With this being a chronic issue, there truly are countless methods by which any business owner could prepare for small business growth.

Truly, any business that is large or small places a great deal of importance on how effectively they are able to grow and what they are able to do with that growth when it occurs. Even companies that are industry leaders still rely heavily upon the growth levels they incur each and every day to remain competitive and viable. Unfortunately, this type of growth is much more difficult for smaller business to come by each day.

Small businesses are truly one of those facets of the marketplace that provide an amazing amount of opportunities for growth. Truly, when a business is just starting, the need for growth become s a bit overwhelming and difficult to do for many. Thus, there are truly a few factors that should be considered in this process in order for it to work.

For small business growth to be possible and successful, one should always know who their target consumer base truly is. This is crucial in that any marketing campaign for growth is heavily dependent upon the number of consumers brought in as a result. Thus, one should seriously consider the prospects of who they want to reach out to at any given time during business operations.

Of course, in order for growth to be effective, any business should be geared up and ready for that growth to occur. Basically, this is performed by having the proper mindset and resources in placed needed for any level of growth. Thus, ensure this is well planned and able to be prepared for any level of growth made possible.

Knowing and understanding who the competition is provides an incredible step in small business growth. Being able to effectively compete for business and allow for an overall knowledge of what the competition is doing allows for a more knowledgeable business acumen. Thus, remain current on what is going on in your respective market base.

Small business growth is also very heavily dependent upon consumer retention and referral. Basically, once consumers are acquired, any small business should keep them as happy as possible. This ensures they are kept happy and refer other customers.

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Small Business Growth: It’s About Leadership And Management

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When people think of leadership they usually come up with two scenarios. Either they are doing the leading or they are being led. Whether you are starting up your own business or running your own business the leadership you demonstrate will be critical to your success.

When you are leading others, whether it be employees, contractors, vendors or potential clients or customers that you hope to turn into sales it is critical that you are aware of the process and your impact on it. If you aren’t your dream of small business growth and success may turn into a reality of failure.

From the start, it is important that you master the small disciplines of leadership. First you have to master yourself. How are you leading yourself?

Start with something small that you can change and will be of benefit. Enjoy some success and gain positive momentum. As you gain momentum, you can start to take on bigger things. Others will see your example and will be more likely to follow.

Remember that leadership is not taught. It is caught. Years ago, a man who was an executive with a large company was hired away by another large company to straighten it out and turn it around. There was about 30 days from the time he was hired until he was to start his new position.

One weekend, one of the board members of the company that had just hired him drove through the executive’s neighborhood. As he drove by the executive’s house the garage door was open. The garage was extremely cluttered and the new CEO was in the middle of it trying to get something and get out.

When the board member saw this he was very upset. After all, this man was hired to turn around the company and he couldn’t even get out of his own garage. Who is he kidding? The board had a meeting and terminated the executive before his first day of work.

Here’s the point. Life is going to throw you some pretty big challenges. But, if you haven’t mastered the small ones, you don’t stand much of a chance with the bigger ones. All of us come into the world with various gifts and talents.

And, all of us have areas where we can improve. That doesn’t mean that you should spend an inordinate amount of time in shoring up your weaknesses. What you must do is develop new skills to be better able to cope with and work through those things that present challenges.

Developing new skills is at the core of personal development. And, in running your own business your income, the quality of your business and your life will seldom exceed your personal development.

As a leader and manager you must own responsibility for your personal development. When others see you developing new skills, whether it is a new way of thinking or a new habit, it will encourage them to do the same. As you push to be better you will be setting the example and leading them.

Let’s take a look at management. Leadership is more strategic and more focused on the big picture. You are showing and leading others to a destination or goal that is far off in the future.

Management is more tactical. It is about how you and your business get through the day and produce an exceptional product or service. Growing small business and doing it consistently is about developing good management skills.

Good management skills will go to waste unless you create a good process for achieving the product or service you desire. Think about it. When you take good people and put them in a bad process what do you get? You get bad results.

When you take average people and put them in a good process what do you get? You get above average results. McDonalds, the largest restaurant chain in the world, operates on this principle. They create a very good process where the average person can flourish and grow.

How do you go about creating this process? You write it down. Most entrepreneurs and solo professionals won’t do this. As a result, hiring becomes a revolving door. The business owner invests a majority of his time in managing the hiring process and not the business.

The end result quite often is failure. The importance of job descriptions and the expectations of the job along with a process to accomplish it are central to having a successful small business.

Steve Scott is a business design and development coach who collaborates with and supports business owners and professionals who are committed to having more in their businesses and lives.

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Today’s Market is Conducive to Small Business Growth

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Our market today is truly very conducive to small business growth. News articles from different sources herald small business success stories; how simple businesses have grown into giant multi-million corporations. Our current financial and technological infrastructure has made a way for small businesses and companies to find more and more opportunities for growth.

Here are some of the avenues where some companies were able to promote small business growth.

A lot of small companies have made progressive business expansion by taking advantage of the changes and transitions made by other companies. An perfect example of this would be in the food business. A lot of bloated multi-million food and beverage companies are now replacing natural ingredients in their products for artificial and synthetic ones. Although companies like these most definitely benefit from the cheaper cost of production, it is the average consumer that ultimately pays the price. Because of this, more and more consumers are now looking for better and safer alternative options. And this is where the opportunity lies for a lot of new upstart companies. Many of small business have taken advantage of this change and have introduced all-natural and organic products. These companies who have taken the bold leap have since then had an impressive following of consumers.

Another avenue where small companies were able to see a lot of growth was through outsourcing. When one hears the word outsourcing, one immediately thinks of cheap but possible low quality products and services from another supplier – and usually from another country somewhere in the eastern part of the world. However, outsourcing stock, and labor has been one of the most effective means of small business growth. A lot of small companies who couldn’t compete with their bigger counterparts have looked outside for better prices on raw materials and also on labor in some cases. This has provided the companies with some kind of buffer to compete in the already competitive market.

Service related business has also seen a lot of growth the past few years. And most of the opportunities for small business growth is the IT industry. With the emergence of the information age, a lot of companies have taken advantage of the trend and started their own IT business, each catering to different aspects of the IT industry such as software development, hardware development, product support, consultancy, and a may others. In fact, the demand for information technology has been so high the past few years that these companies who’ve invested in the technology has seen tremendous small business growth and are now reaping substantial amounts of revenue.

Speaking of Information Technology, we all know that the Internet is the best source of information in our generation. It is a collection of all sorts of freely accessible data from all over the world. However, there are some people who have tapped into the internet for something much bigger: business. A lot of young business upstarts have actually used the internet to generate a ridiculously huge amount of revenue for their companies. There are online businesses for books, shoes, cars, apparel, just about any item you can think of is available on the internet now, and these small companies have started it all.

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