What Is A Pre-Purchase Inspection And Why You Shouldn’t Avoid It

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Purchasing a home can be a complicated process. There are a lot of things to focus on and details that need your attention. Most of the time, people tend to forget about pre-purchase home inspection.

So, what is a pre-purchase home inspection? And, how can it help me? If you are curious to know the answers to these questions, then stick around as this article is going to explore the answers.


Pre-Purchase Home Inspection – What Is It?

As the term suggests, it is an inspection of the home you are planning to purchase. It’s really not the term that makes homebuyers skip the inspection. It’s usually because the process will cost money, and it will make a little dent with the homebuyer’s budget.

This is a big mistake! According to http://melbournehousecheck.com.au, skipping the pre-purchase inspection would possibly mean that you could be buying a home that has a serious flaw within it. If the flaw were serious, like a structural problem, the cost of repairing the house would overshadow the costs of the inspection by a wide margin. At the very least, the inspection could uncover something that you can use at the bargaining table.

What Is Inspected With A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection?

  • Structural Issues – the life of your new home largely depends on its structural integrity. As time passes, the walls, roofing and pillars could weaken, and it could lead to a collapse in the future. This is a serious threat to your family. A pre-purchase inspection entails the inspection of the structural integrity of the property. The professionals are there to make sure that the little crack on the wall, doesn’t lead to a cave-in in the future.
  • HVAC & Electrical System – a pre-purchase inspection would entail an audit of the HVAC and electrical system. The main goal of the inspection is to uncover any potential threats to the house and your family. Professionals will be checking the circuit breakers, wiring safety, power sockets and HVAC configuration to name a few. Also, the inspection could also determine the estimated power consumption of the property’s HVAC and electrical system.
  • Fire Safety & Plumbing – professionals will be checking the faucets and overhead tanks. Also, inspection of corrosion, rust and cracks are included. Aside from being an eyesore, leaking water can weaken the property’s structure in time. The inspector also checks for fire safety by taking notes where the emergency equipments are placed. The house is also checked if the smoke alarms are working and if they offer optimal coverage.

Pre-purchase inspection is all about checking a property that you are planning on purchasing. The aim of the inspection is to uncover any potential problems and health hazards of the house. Most professionals would check, at the very least, for structural issues, HVAC and electrical systems and fire safety and plumbing. It is highly advisable that you don’t skip a pre-purchase inspection because of the cost. It is actually cheap when you compare it to purchasing a home that will need serious repairs later on.


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Know About House Inspections Before Buying A House

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Probably the most unforgettable moments one could have is purchasing a property and building their dream home. Apparently, this could be a very crucial point as well considering the cost that you would need to bear in the process of making your dreams to reality. It is indeed commendable to be called the “investment of a lifetime.”

Who would wish to see their investments become something purposeless after just a short time? Enquiring about the property you want to acquire is never enough as it entails the necessity for thorough and appropriate appraisement, estimation, or assessment to guarantee the sturdiness and safety of the building before and after the construction.

Enhance your living with home inspection

Individuals who have determined to convert their hard-earned money to something more visible and tangible would always wish to have the property checked. Why would you need a service such as house inspection? What do they do during the process?

House inspection is the process of examining and evaluating the condition of a residential building that is then administered by certified house inspectors either by the local city government or few private groups or institutions.

House inspections include the uncondensed examination of the following house components;

-Heating systems such as solar powered devices, fireplace, water heater, and furnace

-A roof that includes ventilation framing, gutters, and flashing

– Basement

-Electrical system including wirings, panels, groundings, and receptacles

-Air-conditioning system

-Plumbing materials and conditions

-Structure Inspectors even include some other components that could be classified as contamination or pest like formaldehyde, methane, radiation, radon, asbestos, lead, wood destroying organisms like termites, mildew, mold, and fungi.

Though it’s true that house inspections duties may be an extra cost, the information you would receive from their report can be as precious as your home. As mentioned, not all eyes are educated to see these erroneous factors. Discarding them will totally draw a fragile line between your investment being an asset or turning them to be a liability.

There is a broad range of selection of service providers of home inspections ; you may find it from the papers that news agency stands sell up to the Internet. When deciding for a home inspector, its best for you to know the range of service that you may require and that depends on upon the sort of property you plan to buy.

Keep in mind, that house inspections’ primary concern is to make sure that you are purchasing a house that’s healthy enough for you to live in and that the building is durable sufficiently to give you a roof for an extended period of time.

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11 High Cost Inspection Traps You Should Know About Weeks Before Listing Your Home For Sale

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Homebuyers Want to Know Your Home Inside and Out While homebuyers are as individual as the homes they plan on purchasing, one thing they share is a desire to ensure that the home they will call their own is as good beneath the surface as it appears to be. Will the roof end up leaking? Is the wiring safe? What about the plumbing? These, and others, are the questions that the buyers looking at your home will seek professional help to answer. According to industry experts, there are at least 33 physical problems that will come under scrutiny during a home inspection. We’ve identified the 11 most common of these and, if not identified and dealt with, any of these 11 items could cost you dearly in terms of repair.

In most cases, you can make a reasonable pre-inspection yourself if you know what you’re looking for. Knowing what you’re looking for can help you prevent little problems from growing into costly and unmanageable ones. 11 Things You Need to Know to Pass Your Home Inspection

1. Defective Plumbing Defective plumbing can manifest itself in two different ways: leaking, and clogging.A visual inspection can detect leaking, and an inspector will gauge water pressure by turning on all faucets in the highest bathroom and then flushing the toilet. If you hear the sound of running water, it indicates that the pipes are undersized. If the water appears dirty when first turned on at the faucet, this is a good indication that the pipes are rusting, which can result in severe water quality problems.

2. Damp or Wet Basement An inspector will check your walls for a powdery white mineral deposit a few inches off the floor, and will look to see if you feel secure enough to store things right on your basement floor. A mildew odor is almost impossible to eliminate, and an inspector will certainly be conscious of it. It could cost you $ 200-$ 1,000 to seal a crack in or around your basement foundation depending on severity and location. Adding a sump pump and pit could run you around $ 750 – $ 1,000, and complete waterproofing (of an average 3 bedroom home) could amount to $ 5,000-$ 15,000. You will have to weigh these figures into the calculation of what price you want to net on your home.

3. Inadequate Wiring & Electrical Your home should have a minimum of 100 amps service, and this should be clearly marked. Wire should be copper or aluminum. Home inspectors will look at octopus plugs as indicative of inadequate circuits and a potential fire hazard.

4. Poor Heating & Cooling Systems Insufficient insulation, and an inadequate or a poorly functioning heating system, are the most common causes of poor heating. While an adequately clean furnace, without rust on the heat exchanger, usually has life left in it, an inspector will be asking and checking to see if your furnace is over its typical life span of 15-25 yrs. For a forced air gas system, a heat exchanger will come under particular scrutiny since one that is cracked can emit deadly carbon monoxide into the home. These heat exchangers must be replaced if damaged – they cannot be repaired.

5. Roofing Problems Water leakage through the roof can occur for a variety of reasons such as physical deterioration of the asphalt shingles (e.g. curling or splitting), or mechanical damage from a wind storm. When gutters leak and downspouts allow water to run down and through the exterior walls, this external problem becomes a major internal one.

6. Damp Attic Spaces Aside from basement dampness, problems with ventilation, insulation and vapor barriers can cause water, moisture, mold and mildew to form in the attic. This can lead to premature wear of the roof, structure and building materials. The cost to fix this damage could easily run over $ 2,500.

7. Rotting Wood This can occur in many places (door or window frames, trim, siding, decks and fences). The building inspector will sometimes probe the wood to see if this is present – especially when wood has been freshly painted.

8. Masonry Work Re-bricking can be costly, but, left unattended, these repairs can cause problems with water and moisture penetration into the home which in turn could lead to a chimney being clogged by fallen bricks or even a chimney which falls onto the roof. It can be costly to rebuild a chimney or to have it repainted.

9. Unsafe or Over-fused Electrical Circuit A fire hazard is created when more amperage is drawn on the circuit than was intended. 15 amp circuits are the most common in a typical home, with larger service for large appliances such as stoves and dryers. It can cost several hundred dollars to replace your fuse panel with a circuit panel.

10. Adequate Security Features More than a purchased security system, an inspector will look for the basic safety features that will protect your home such as proper locks on windows and patio doors, dead bolts on the doors, smoke and even carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom and on every level. Even though pricing will vary, these components will add to your costs. Before purchasing or installing, you should check with your local experts.

11. Structural/Foundation Problems An inspector will certainly investigate the underlying footing and foundation of your home as structural integrity is fundamental to your home. When you put your home on the market, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises that could cost you the sale of your home.By having an understanding of these 11 problem areas as you walk through your home, you’ll be arming yourself against future disappointment.

Rob Andress is the Broker of Record for MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. Brokerage. With over 25 years of professional real estate experience in Brockville Rob’s knowledge in invaluable. Formore details on brockville real estate and homes for sale in brockville than please visit our website.

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Establishing A House Key System

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Ask just about any one what their concept of the Yank dream comprises and when the lists have been assembled definitely one of the top answers, if not the no 1 answer, will be the purchase of a home. The security, independence and sense of accomplishment in such a life affirming purchase is a goal try for by Yankees old and young alike. Whilst the acquisition of a home invokes numerous scenarios grouped with the typical, and obligatory, jobs to be performed with the investment, such as acquiring a new loan, a home inspection, appraisal and review of general market conditions, there’s also a particularly crucial, yet mostly overlooked, process that every home purchaser and property financier should be made conscious of in each transaction, assessing the existing house key system.

More regularly than not an inspection of the keying system isn’t advised or supplied to the purchaser thru the property agent, broker, bank or building inspector, nor is it usually advised by the National Association of Realtors. While a first time or seasoned property buyer would be remiss in not performing a home inspection to determine the condition of the property and having the facility to learn about any existing or predictable issues there would, too, be carelessness in not performing a correct appraisal of the established key system(s).

From value to the home buyer by limiting liability, averting any future repair costs due to poor workmanship of the previous service on the current system to a myriad of legitimate security concerns, a proper assessment can not only identify any problems that must be addressed immediately, but in most cases be repaired before the transaction is completed. A well known and common practice in real estate transactions post home inspection is the issuance of the “Buyers Inspection Report” known and projected thereby providing the seller an option of paying compensation to the new buyer or performing repairs on the home for the purchaser.

With the help of paying compensation to perform a choice of the repairs on the home on the buyer can also ask and expect to have repairs made, replacements installed prior the current key system of escrow or, if preferred, compensation offered to them by the seller to make all necessary changes themselves, as made, replacements installed before the close of mind that a dependable, safe and secure key system is in place. The idea of this practice, a pre-existing home key system inspection, which is currently grossly under used, is one that when brought to the attention of this practice, an established home buyers and investors will prove through proper inspection of a locksmith, with suggestions and recommendations provided, to be just as important as the brought to give an even better, safer and more accurate portrait of the home or investment property being purchased.

For the current and future dreamer and investor remember that your investment is your future and your future is more secure when having a locksmith perform a pre-existing home key system.

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House Warranties – An Increasingly Important Part Of Home Buying Negotiations

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A home warranty could benefit both the home seller and the house. Home warranties could be bought by either a home seller or a house buyer and are usually paid for at closing when they’re part of a sales contract. Home warranties cover repair and replacement costs when appliances and other systems in your home stop working properly.

If you’re constructing a new house, it’s likely that your builder is required to provide a one year warranty for problems that you might encounter after closing. It’s very necessary that the purchaser does not confuse a house warranty from hazard insurance. Hazard insurance covers items damaged by fire, wind, or other covered events. A warranty changes, restores or repairs things that fail on their own. Packages of house warranties are available through most real estate brokers and differ somewhat in coverage policy. Normally, they’ll warranty the most important systems of the home for a year. Sooner or later every appliance and system in your home is going to fail due to normal tear and wear. It’s virtually impossible to predict when breakdowns will occur, and all too often they happen at the worst possible time. Home warranties could help secure your home from costly repairs to all your appliances and major systems in your household.

Standard house warranties offer warranties that differ a little bit by provider so it is smart to learn each policy cautiously prior to selecting one. Most standard home warranties pay for repair or replacement costs for plumbing systems, appliances, and the heating and cooling units. Some home warranties include the roof of your house in their policy coverage. House warranty coverage is usually different for sellers and buyers. Examples of this kind of warranty coverage include a standard policy may not forfeit a seller’s repair fees if the air conditioner stopped working before closing, however, it’ll cover the purchaser if that happens after the transaction of the house. When it comes to any warranty it is very important to read the fine print so that you will be sure about warranty coverage for particular circumstances. Most real estate agents provide extensive literature from various house warranty providers.

House warranty policies are usually effective for 1 year and the buyer have an option to renew the warranty coverage once expired. The cost for renewal is generally higher than the cost paid for the first policy. A standard home warranty policy typically costs anywhere from $ 350 to $ 500, but costs vary from provider to provider. While you are shopping for your house warranty provider, it is best to know which things are incorporated in the standard coverage, such as which things should be added on as separate policies and how much will it cost in cases you want to add them, as well as what the co-payment would be. The co-payment is the amount the owner will be required to pay when a repair person comes out to fix a failed system. This payment generally covers the entire cost of the repair and is similar to a health insurance co-payment. It is important as well to know if the provider of the warranty policy has been operating long enough to prove you a good past performance for customer reliability and service.

Home warranties give benefit to buyer and sellers as well as making your home more attractive to possible purchasers. These warranties are very useful especially when the appliances in your home are already old. Giving a warranty would ensure a little peace of mind to the buyer as well as to the seller.

As the price of the home warranty is so minimal compared to the price of the house and can be paid for at closing, the seller is not out of any money until the house sells. If you’re buying a previously owned house and a home warranty is part of the deal there are some important facts you should know before you buy. If a warranty is purchased on an existing house you are actually buying a service plan that is supposed to protect you from repair bills on major appliances. This type of warranty does not cover structural defects so it’s important to have the home inspected. Another major problem with this type of warranty is the denial of claims as they may be deemed pre-existing conditions. Having a home inspection will help ward off this type of denial in claims. House warranties are often great idea especially when it comes to considering your homeowner’s insurance normally will not cover repair fess for appliances. It is best to seek the guidance of your realtor for best decisions on getting a home warranty as they could likely suggest a plan that suit your needs.

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Use of Drones in Military Defense

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The development of unmanned aerial systems or drones was initially for military purposes. As these aerial systems did not require an on board pilot, they were seen as a useful weapon on the battlefield. Not only does a drone decrease the mortality rate of the soldiers, but it also provides the military a chance to spy on the enemy in a discrete manner.

Military Drones


Drones have become an important component of national defense for the following reasons.

  •  A drone is an unmanned vehicle, that is, it does not require any one to be on it to be controlled. This is possible because it can be controlled using a remote control. Though it is mandatory that it is still controlled by a trained pilot, it does not require the pilot to go with it.
  • The military has been using drones to search for terrorists and have proved how useful they are for conducting covert military operations.
  • Aerial spotting using drones has been used when searching for hidden terrorists, gunning the terrorists down in their areas and searching for the hidden landmines using hyper spectral imaging sensors.
  • Keeping an eye on the air space of the country.
  • Keeping a check on the borders of the country without threatening the lives of the most precious soldiers.

Military Defense Using Drones

The use of drones even by the army is not only for combat and espionage purposes. This technology is largely being developed for the times when a crisis hits the nation. The military is trying to use drones in areas that have suffered fire or earthquake where the military and air force is called in to rescue people. This is the humanitarian aspect of the use of drones. Aerial spotting using drones is used to reach places to look for survivors. When the images from a drone show the presence of any survivor, special teams are sent in to carry out the rescue operation. This has saved many lives and is sure to save some lives in future too.

The countries that are trying to be the controlling factors in the world need to have this technology soon.The use of drones cannot replace the fighter jets or the satellites. However, they can be used for surveillance missions that can’t be performed by fighter jets as they are too big and therefore can be spotted quite easily by radar. Drones are one of the “must haves” for any good army in the future.

National Drones is an Australia wide service provider of aerial spotting and aerial surveillance services utilising unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), aerial photography and videography, otherwise known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or drones. For more information, visit PO Box 2322, Ivanhoe East, Vic 3079, or email at skyview@nationaldrones.com.au, or give a call @ 1300 759 843.


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Want A Successful Journey In Small Business? The First Step Is To Book It

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If you want a successful journey in small business growth or growing small business there are many ways to go about it. In our hurry up world, where we can confuse activity with accomplishment, the best way to move forward is to slow down and not to go faster. Go too fast and it is easy to make mistakes. Slow down and book your journey to success. Booking your journey is about reading books that will help improve you and subsequently, your business.

Mistakes will cost you time. Think about this. Once you have spent some time on something that time is irreplaceable. It is gone. We can spend more money but we can’t spend more time. Time management work is essential to success. Small business books are a proven way to accelerate your success track. And, they are time well spent. Yes, you can read about systems, accounting, marketing, sales and cash flow. All of this is good and can help. But the best books are the ones that help you create pathways for personal growth.

The little secret of small business running successfully is the personal growth of the owner, founder or one of the principals. If they don’t grow in their thinking and continue with a limited vision, then the business won’t grow. The key is to go to work on yourself. Once you become more, you can attract more in your business. Too often, we go to work on others and want more, yet we don’t have more to offer.

As the owner of a business you can have more business by offering better service, better quality or expand your services to name a few. It all starts with you. If you become a better server and bring more quality into your own life you will attract people who offer more. The same is true for your business. Yes, it all starts with you. As Napoleon Hill said in Think And Grow Rich, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Owning your own business can be a tiring effort on a treadmill of never ending work and challenges. Or, it can be an adventure in overcoming challenges that can lead you into a life abundance, freedom and satisfaction. Go to work on yourself and start conceiving and believing in what you can achieve.

The choice is yours. Think about it. If an entrepreneur successful in business has an unfulfilling life what does he have? He has an unhappy life. More business isn’t going to make him any happier.

To have small business successful, the owner must be successful in personal growth. There is no one answer. Yet, books, whether they be a small business book or small business ebook, can cause you to slow down and reflect and evaluate are a great way to move you forward to the success, freedom and abundance you desire.

Do you want that successful journey in small business? Take the first step and book it.

Steve Scott is a business/life coach and business development consultant. He specializes in teaching entrepreneurs and solo and sales professionals to advance to a business and life of greater freedom and abundance.
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Financing Is Important When Choosing Your Home

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Plenty of people, at least one time in their life, they will be considering purchasing a home whether they would like a small cottage or a larger, fancier home. Each of these people wants a home which they can call their very own. But, buying a home can be a challenging and overwhelming process, deterring many people that may have already purchased the home of their dreams.

The idea to purchase or not to purchase has bothered many prospective buyers since there was inventory to select from. Today’s prospective buyers face this same issue and will find the next few tips helpful and enlightening as they are trying to decide whether to buy that new house or not. The first tip is to find out whether or not you have enough time. If a new buyer isn’t going to be staying in the area for at least a couple of years, they may not want to invest in a house. Will the new homeowner have time to recoup their investment?

Financing can also be another critical factor. The potential buyer must be sure that they can afford the house that they’re looking at. This can include a couple of aspects, such as calculating the payments required, which is made easier by using calculators that can be found online. Another aspect is making sure that the potential buyers’ credit ratings can make the cut for loans they are interested in or preparing a credit rating. It’s also important that you are taking the right loan, and in cases that the standard payment can’t be afforded, there are more lower payment possibilities.

When a buyer knows they for sure want to purchase a home, there are some more things they should do. Most buyers can benefit from professional help, and a professional agent usually has the buyers’ best interests at heart. A buyer ought to get pre-approved, which can be different from getting pre-qualified, but is still an essential step. This will save the purchaser the disappointment of looking for homes that they can’t afford since the approval is founded on their actual income, debt, and credit history.

After you’ve found the house that’s right for you, you will only have to go through a few more steps before you purchase it. A buyer must do their research and make their opening bid in accordance with the sales trend of houses that have sold recently in their community. To find out this initial bid, the home buyer will need to think about all the houses that are comparable to the ones that they’re looking at. A potential buyer should also hire a home inspector. Lenders will pay for a cursory home inspection, however the buyer can find out if there are any potential problems down the line that could be very costly. Last, a buyer will need to make the extremely important decision between points and interest rate. When deciding between mortgages, most buyers will get the choice of additional points, the amount of interest they pay at closing, and a lower interest rate in exchange for these points. When the buyer knows that they’ll be in this house for numerous years, like 4-6 at the very least, it’s always more wise to take the points, since the lower interest rate will always pay off down the line.

With the help of a dependable professional, all of these critical steps can be much easier to follow.

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